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A vital part of many office interiors in Aldershot is the boardroom or conference room – this is usually the main meeting room, where senior staff and/or clients will meet to make important decisions. As such, the design of the conference room is something that should never be overlooked when you’re planning the design of your Aldershot office interiors.


There are lots of features you can easily add to your conference room to make it a more effective place to do business, as part of your overall office interior design. For example, if you often hold lengthy meetings, it’s important that the furniture in the conference room is as comfortable as possible. Your Aldershot office interior designs probably also include the use of data and telecoms equipment, and it’s very important these aren’t overlooked in your conference room. So for example, you may require to add video-conferencing equipment and a large screen, allowing people to join meetings remotely. Make sure it is well laid out, so people can look at the screen comfortably and use the equipment easily. Another factor to consider for the conference room in your Aldershot office interior is lighting. Ensure the light to the room is bright enough for people to see what they’re doing, but not so bright that they struggle under the glare of dazzling lights.

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