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Redesigning or remodelling your office interior is becoming an increasingly popular option with many Farnborough business owners, thanks to a growing number of studies that show a clear link between a well-designed workplace and a business’s profits. If you feel it’s time to pay some attention to your Farnborough office interiors but aren’t sure where to start, you could visit some other local offices in the area that have recently been refurbished, to get some ideas. Alternatively you could research some of the latest trends in office interiors online.


For example, one increasingly popular option is for open-plan Farnborough office interiors, as these can create more opportunities for discussion and working together. Another idea you’ll see in many Farnborough office interiors is increased mobility – so people may work at ‘hot desks’ rather than having one assigned workstation, allowing flexibility about who sits where, so that multi-disciplinary project teams can physically work together when this suits. One increasingly popular thing you’ll see in Farnborough office interiors is the use of bright colours – while traditional office interior design is more muted and neutral, businesses are increasingly deciding that a brighter and more vibrant office space can help to foster creativity and comfort. Lastly, another idea you’ll see in many Farnborough office interiors is an increase in ‘creature comforts’ that allow staff to feel more comfortable in their working environment – such as comfy chairs in breakout areas, more refreshment areas, perhaps a pool table, and more plants in the office.

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