Why do I need an Acrylic Hygienic Protective Screen?

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The recent shutdown of retail premises, public meeting areas, non-essential shops and the education sector has been the government’s managed response to contain the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As we move out of the shutdown phase, people will need to visit shops, libraries, schools, petrol stations and a whole range of retail and office environments to meet face to face.

With this in mind, Interior Office Concepts and our trusted furniture partner have put together a comprehensive range of quality acrylic screens that are specifically designed for all private and public commerce sectors to help protect people, and act as a barrier so once again people can meet, social distance and safely communicate.

Theses screens are to be used in conjunction with the government advice on hand washing and sanitising. Together we can stay alert, help the NHS and Save Lives…

Places where our Acrylic Hygienic Protective Screens are used

Retail Protective Screens

Small shops need protection as much as the large supermarkets. Our Retail protective screens are an affordable way for shop keepers to have the same level of protection they deserve.

Trade Counter Protective Screens

Trade counter protection screens are needed to protect a variety of staff members as there are multiple people using certain areas. Each of our protective screens could be used by individual members of staff in accordance with distancing measures.

Reception/Classroom Protective Screens

The first point of contact in most schools and companies is the reception desk, so it is vital that they are protected with a screen too. Our acrylic screens will give your receptionist and teachers/students the protection that they require.

Desk Protective Screens

Many offices are now open plan, so protective acrylic screens coupled with social distancing measures, can now be used to allow the office to still operate as close to normality as possible.

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