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When economic times are difficult, it can be tempting to view office design as an unnecessary frivolity – something that would be nice to invest in, but not something to prioritise. However, as many Chichester premises managers have discovered, good office design can actually have a significant effect on a company’s bottom line, meaning it can actually be a good investment.
There are many reasons why office design is important. At a very basic level, if your staff have the proper equipment, good lighting and comfortable work space, they’re much more likely to perform well in their jobs, which can only lead to increased profits for you. On top of this, a pleasant and comfortable working environment can mean that employees are happier, and therefore less likely to leave, meaning your staff turnover is reduced. Very importantly, research increasingly shows that the design of a Chichester office can have a big impact on the health of the people who work there. If you invest in the health of your workforce, you’re likely to lose far fewer days to sick leave and stress, as your office design could actually promote good health amongst your employees.
These are just some of the reasons why good office design can be so important, even when it feels like a luxury you can’t afford. If done well, a good Chichester office design could actually increase your profits and help you to grow your business.

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