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If you want to improve the office design of your Guildford premises but you’re on a limited budget, then a great way to transform the look and feel is to carry out decorative work. This can be done outside of normal business hours, thereby minimising disruption, and is considerably cheaper than carrying out more significant structural or complete re-design work.


For example, simply painting or wallpapering the walls can create a completely new ambience and is a very easy and cost-effective way to improve your Guildford office design. Alongside this, you may wish to install new lighting, both for task and mood lighting, which is another way to transform the look and feel of your office design, with a minimal cost. New flooring can be another way to lift an office room, adding a new office design element that will make the room feel very different. For example, you could install wooden or laminate flooring to replace your old carpet tiles, for a more modern and stylish finish. By complementing this with contemporary office furniture, your Guildford office design could be transformed.
These are just some of the ways in which you can improve the office design of your Guildford premises if you’re on a more limited budget.

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