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Office fit out Guildford

Embarking on a new office fit out for your Guildford premises can be a fantastic opportunity to inject some new colour and personality into your workspace. It’s a good time to think creatively about the ways you want to make your office space work better for you, your staff and your business, and maybe to try some new and unusual ideas.
For example, many Guildford businesses are now realising the benefits of ‘hot desking’, as this allows project teams to sit together flexibly, according to who’s working on the project at any given time. This means cross-departmental communication can be easier and allow for more creative ideas. So perhaps your office fit out plans could include a portion of your office space given over to hot desks. Many businesses are also increasingly using break-out areas and huddle spaces, where employees can have impromptu meetings or discussion, which can also stimulate more creative and innovative problem-solving. So be sure to think about whether your Guildford office fit out plans should include some more informal spaces like this. Lastly, more and more workplaces are incorporating leisure space into their actual workspace – so consider whether your office fit out should have space dedicated to comfy seating, a refreshment area, and perhaps even a gaming space, which would allow your employees to take breaks, during which they might come up with even better ideas and solutions.

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