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Office Refurbishment Contractors Kingston

When you contact a firm of office refurbishment contractors in Kingston, one of the first questions they might ask you is whether you need a category A or B refurbishment. If you’re not sure what these terms mean, you probably won’t be able to answer the question. However, they’re very simple to understand, and knowing which category you need should help your office refurbishment contractor to understand your needs more quickly.


A Category A office refurbishment is typically carried out by a developer or landlord before you move in to a new premises. The tasks involved could include replacing floor coverings, repairing or replacing suspended ceilings, re-working the lighting, air conditioning, power and any mechanical systems, and the internal decoration. A Category B office refurbishment is where you engage the services of a Kingston office refurbishment contractor to complete the fit out to your exact requirements. So it could include things like installing partitioning, adding specialist lighting, putting in telecoms and data systems and cabling, bringing in and laying out furniture, and furnishing any refreshment or kitchen areas. If you’re confused about any of this, then speak to your Kingston office refurbishment contractors, who will be able to give you more detail about what’s involved in each category.

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